THIS WEEK at The Mission:

– We learned how to name a dog.

– We had a look at images from the first known colour book of fish. There’s even a mermaid.

Spot the trigger

– We daydreamed about visiting the Andamans with Mavungana Flyfishing – with GTs, Bluefin, Triggers and plenty more species in the kind of desert island setting that your computer wallpaper is made of, it’s the stuff of bucket list dreams.

– We discovered a brewery that sells a 1000-pack of beer.

– We read about finding the blank spaces in a well-mapped world.

– We established that you’re not a real man till you’ve shaved your face with an axe.

– We read The Arc is The Sun, a deep dive into pigeon racing and its greatest prize, The Million Dollar in South Africa. LONG READ.

– Lastly, we got stuck into this interview with our favorite, fly fishing Patagonian chef, Francis Mallman (the guy cooks like a god, speaks like a poet and has a remote restaurant on an island in a lake deep in Patagonia).

“I think human beings need contradictions. We need opposites. We need to sleep in a five-star hotel and we need to sleep under a tree. The distance and the difference between those two extremes are what makes us happy and what makes us think and what makes us grow. If you only sleep under a tree, it’s quite sad. If you only sleep in a five-star hotel, it’s extremely sad, too.”  Francis Mallman



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