LIVING IN SOUTH AFRICA and being into fly fishing can feel a bit weird at times.

On the one hand, our continent offers up some of the best fishing on the planet; virtually untouched destinations, incredible species, no crowds …all a territorial fly fisherman could dream of.

On the other hand, it sometimes feels like we are in some distant colonial outpost ignored by trends and many brands. Outside of fly fishing, that’s why people get so excited when a big band comes to town (“ehrmagherd, U2…again!”) or mega retailers like H&M or Topshop open up in the malls. It’s like being the bastard redhead step child; forgotten and neglected, but for one sublime moment Pops comes back from an overseas trip and pats us on the head.

“He…I can’t believe it. He…remembers me!”

When the Fly Fishing Film Tour came to South Africa last year, that was the overwhelming sensation we got. Finally, thanks to the hard work of Jako Lucas and Keith Rose-Innes, we were on the bloody radar. It was a huge success as crowds packed out theatres across the country.

And now, like really friendly Terminators, they’re back.

Filmmaker Jako Lucas with a bionic flats snorkel. Photo supplied by Jako Lucas

FT3SA 2017 offers up a ridiculously jam-packed line-up of films. From the Seychelles to Lesotho, Siberia, Idaho, Mexico, Florida, Kamchatka, Alaska, Montana and more, you can expect phenomenal footage from the world’s best fly fishing filmmakers. Not convinced? Watch the stoke reel.

Don’t miss out. Seriously, there will be zero sympathy.

Screening are in May in Durban (15th), Cape Town (18th) and Johannesburg (23rd). Do not miss out. Tickets available from www.quicket.co.za.

More info from their Facebook page.

Added bonus: we are sponsors so you can grab a free copy of The Mission Issue 3 at the screenings.




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