THIS WEEK at The Mission:

We read about the ‘Most Terrifying Bird in the World’. Clue: it kills crocs, shits on its legs (while sober) and goes by its street name, ‘death pelican’.

We were interested in the fact that Otterbox, manufacturers of indestructible mobile phone cases are now making cool boxes that are certified “bear-resistant.”

We were amazed at this catch by Eugene Palowaski at Cosmoledo of a big Indian mirrorfish (aka Diamond Trevally).

We checked out Oman off-road and had a solid day dream about stopping along the coast for those elusive perms Ray Montoya chases.

We took a gander at Toyota’s new outdoor market FT-4X concept car, a 4×4 kitted to the eyeballs with things like water bottles for door handles and a The North Face sleeping bag as a centre arm rest. More on that here.

We revisited Sean Christie’s incredible piece ‘Searching for the Soul of the Juskei” that followed his quest for the source of Johannesburg’s long-derided river. LONG READ

‘”Don’t step in shit,” she said.

I could not decide whether it was a warning or a judgment passed on the entire mission, but I was out to see the world in a grain of sand, heaven in a wild flower and Johannesburg’s scarred soul in a half-afloat Amasi container, so it hardly mattered that the going would be prosaic. It wasn’t long before I had flowers looking in over the edge of the canal top – the lilac and white petals of cosmos plants, and the tubular yellow bells of the khakibos. And where the canal gave way to the river proper at the foot of Bezuidenhout Park I found my grains of sand, too – billions of them, forming a bank like a Seychelles beach.’ Sean Christie

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