STEALING FLIES is an art. It helps if you've had experience as a card shark or street hustler, using misdirection and slight of hand to perform the three-card Monte over the fly boxes of unsuspecting marks. Right now, the El Dorado of fly boxes is sitting in Gordon van der Spuy's possession. Your mission, should [...]

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While river season is closed here in the Western Cape of South Africa, that doesn't stop us from dreaming of the dry fly loving rainbows and cool, clear water of streams like the Elandspad and Smalblaar. Check out this great, short video by regular contributor to The Mission, Ryan Jannsens.

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FORGIVE US a little inaccuracy here, for this beauty out of Northern Zambia is neither officially called the 'Congo Yellowfish,' nor the 'Blue Yellowfish' (another name currently being thrown around for it). It's scientific name is known, as are its local names, but it's so far out of the realm of normal fly fishing target [...]

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THIS WEEK at The Mission: We read about the ‘Most Terrifying Bird in the World’. Clue: it kills crocs, shits on its legs (while sober) and goes by its street name, ‘death pelican’. We were interested in the fact that Otterbox, manufacturers of indestructible mobile phone cases are now making cool boxes that are certified [...]

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THIS WEEK at The Mission: We dropped our collective jaws at the landscape, the wrestling jockstraps and the people of Mongolia as captured by Joe Caldwell in the two week, 1500 mile journey depicted in The Rally for Rangers. We lusted after the monstrously large, new Citizen Eco-Drive dive watch. After catching the FT3SA films [...]

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IT'S FRIDAY and it's been a hard week. So, pack the car and head out of town while listening to this OR, if you can't get away this weekend, simply kick back and press play on this on point fly fishing/hiking/camping/road tripping/good times playlist curated for us by Rowan Eva, the founder of the Noon [...]

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THIS WEEK at The Mission: - We learned how to name a dog. - We had a look at images from the first known colour book of fish. There's even a mermaid. Spot the trigger - We daydreamed about visiting the Andamans with Mavungana Flyfishing - with GTs, Bluefin, Triggers and plenty more [...]

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