Matt Gorlei and Nick van Rensburg are the two charnas behind Flybru (the fishing/filming student crew out of Stellenbosch University and the gents behind our cover shoot video). They were both at Stellies last year, until wonder of wonders Matt passed his exams and buggered off to South America to guide on the Rio Grande [...]

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Valentine’s Day

When I was in university I met two students that shared my passion in life, fly fishing. Billy De Jong was fiddling his way through the intricate wiring of electric-electronic engineering while Gerald Penkler amused himself with chemical reactions in biochemistry. I tussled with genes of aquatic bacteria that played a role in killing fish. [...]

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Skinning Fanie Visagie

By Gordon van der Spuy I dig how things sometimes just happen. A few months ago I was sitting at my pal Nick van Rensburg’s spread; we were babbling about fly fishing and messing around with fly tying equipment. I may be weird that way, I know, but I like the funny side of life [...]

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Fanie’s Zonker

FlyBru and Fanie Visagie (a.k.a., Gordon van der Spuy) recently released the 2nd fly-tying video demonstration of a long series I suspect. Again, Fanie shows some fancy tricks with locally collected, natural fly tying materials, this time displaying amazing multi-tasking skills while tying his "bef@#te" Zonker:

The Klippies en Kolgaans

I really enjoyed watching this FlyBru production of Gordon van der Spuy (Fanie Visagie) tying a popular Western Cape trout fly; Gordon shares some good fly tying tips in this 'tongue in cheek' movie. Rumour has it that the FlyBru team is working on the next Fanie Visagie fly tying demo - we are looking forward to [...]

FlyBru – our local waters

The FlyBru boys, Nick van Rensburg and Matt Gorlei, doing what they love and do best in life: fishing and filming. Nice guys, I enjoyed this one in particular as it brought back fond memories of my student life in Stellenbosch;) PS - check out their website on: www.