Arriving in the Zona Cafe, I was not expecting to see signs of trucha (Spanish for trout!) everywhere in the tiny town of Salento.

Famous for its coffee, hummingbirds and wax palms, I wasn’t expecting this! Our hostel, Les Palmes, held the first real clue with a jumping trout in their coat of arms. Dinner held the next clue – the first restuarant we walked into had nothing but trucha el a something. No jokes – only trout on the menu. Sniffing around I’ve found out there are indeed trout in the rivers but easy access can only be found higher into the mountains.

The steep valleys hold stunning rivers but the local coffee farmers, as friendly as they are, haven’t been altogether keen to let me wander unattented across their land.

However, Bron did some great research and we’ve sniffed out an area to fish and lift for tomorrow. So we shall see!