I had a great session this last Sunday.  1 Bull Ray, 2 Blacktail and countless Sand Sharks.  Having a GoPro on board I decided to do a little video illustrating the great difference in fighting ability between a foul hooked and properly hooked Sand Sharks on fly.

They are extremely tricky to catch and are great fighters, however their reputation suggests otherwise.  Many anglers foul them and thus give an account of how bad the fight is.  In fact you can generally tell if someone has caught one properly based on their remarks on fighting ability.  If fouled they usually just curl up pajama shark style and you pull them straight out.  However, hook one in the mouth properly and the reaction is immense.

I was taught to do this by the Shark oracle himself- Jimmy Eagleton.  The fly is a secret that I unfortunately cant divulge, but the main characteristic is that of a circle hook and technique used to secure the hook up.  After watching the vid I think you’ll agree that they fight pretty damn well.

It took me quite a while to perfect it but Im happy with my technique now.


Sand Sharks on fly from peter coetzee on Vimeo.