For a long time I have considered a 100cm GT in South African Surf to be a right of passage.  From what I can gather it has been done by less than 10 people… Thanks goes to Arno for getting this together.  Awesome info:

-Ben Pretorius (104cm, 111cm -Biggest ever caught on Fly in SA, 108cm)
-Paul Weingartz (102cm, 105cm, 108cm, 101cm)
-Arno Van Der Nest (107cm)
-Gareth Corbett (106cm, 105cm)
-Keith Vinnings (105cm)
-Derrick Beling (103cm)
-Ewan Kyle (101cm) (not in surf)

Kosi Bay seems to be the place to do it, and I’m there in 11 days.  Please Neptune. Pretty Please.


Pretty much everything awesome about it is contained in this pic. -photo courtesy of Arno Van Der Nest


Can anyone help identify the angler?


ishot-225  ishot-229