As you may or may not know, we’ve been in the process of migrating servers and getting the site looking better and more the content more accessible – the amount of content that we’ve managed to accumulate in a relatively short amount of year is quite something!

For the old readers, the additions of drop down menus will hopefully make finding old posts much easier and will also allows you to filter the posts according to the topics we write about.

We’ll also be, from the 1st week of January, sending a monthly “Catchup Newsletter”, just to round up the month past and mention any interesting upcoming bits and bobs. It’ll be simple, and at once a month won’t clog the inbox…

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You can also choose to be notified about posts as they happen by adding your mail address to the subscribe lists. We apologise to any old readers who followed us via their own blog reader, we haven’t been able to update your contact details but those who followed by email, you’re on the list.

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We’ll keep you updated with any major changes as they happen. In the mean time, keep reading, sharing and go catch a fish!


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