A few months ago Jimmy Eagelton introduced me to a pattern that produced quite a few silver kob (Argyrosomus inodorus) for him on the West Coast. He tied the fly specifically to be fished tight against rocky substrate where the kob were holding, without getting snagged. The drop-shot fraternity on the West Coast and their sucsesses with silver kob motivated him to come up with this pattern. Hence the name; DMA stands for Drop-shot My Ass.

Jimmy's DMA

Jimmy’s DMA

Jimmy ties his pattern on a 60degree jig hook with heavy dumbbell eyes. This allows the angler to bump the fly over the rocks and ‘feel’ his way along the bottom. Should you get snagged, a gentle pull will free the fly.

My vertion of the DMA, tied with bucktail (because I'm lazy) and replacing the dumbells with a sculpin head

My vertion of the DMA, tied with bucktail (because I’m lazy) and replacing the dumbells with a sculpin head. Fly colour is really not that important, and I caught kob on grey, white and tan flies. Apparently chartruese is effective in dirty water.

I have never felt the need to fish for kob tight against rocky structure, because the areas we usually fish off the bricks and in the surf is fairly shallow, and most patterns retrieved low in the water column and over the rock yielded success. That was until recently when I started targeting dusky kob higher up in estuaries off rocky points and deeper ledges. I needed a fly that could be counted down deep, and retrieved until it hit the ledge around which the kob were holding. A few weeks ago I tied up a couple of DMA’s and was really surprised by it’s effectiveness with juvenile kob.

DMA tied with dumbell eyes

Juvenile kob loves the DMA

DMA tied with a sculpin head

DMA tied with a sculpin head