“Colin, if you’re looking to catch Pacu or Peacocks, then you either want the Amazonian Stiffy Intermediate or the Bolivian Floater.”

Opinions and arseholes, we’ve had a few but then again too few to mention. When buying a new fly line you normally have to make your choice off someone else’s opinion. You walk into a shop and the friendly, crusty guy behind the counter suggests option A, B or C. The man knows his shit, there’s no doubting that, but the problem is his take on each of those lines could be wildly different to yours. Fly fishing is a sport of feel not force, millimeters not miles. If he is a man mountain and you are a ten-pound weakling, if you like fiberglass rods and he prefers stiff graphite, if you like to bust out long loops and he prefers roll casts, you could end up with a line that costs you plenty of moolah yet leaves you feeling flat.

Fortunately Scientific Anglers in conjunction with Frontier Fly Fishing in Joburg, The Fly Box in Bloem and Upstream Fly Fishing in Cape Town are hosting a series of Scientific Anglers Bring Your Own Rod (BYOR) Events. Yes, just like BYOB (Bring Your Own Booze) braais, but all you need to do is bring your most fished rods along with you so you can test drive pretty much the entire range of Scientific Anglers lines.  Foreign Sales Manager for Scientific Anglers, Jeff Pierce will be visiting from the US, bringing over 80 fly reels, spooled up with over 35 different tapers for anglers to cast.

Pierce says, “These BYOR events are a fantastic opportunity for anglers. They allow you to find just the right line for each and every rod that you own. With so many different rod actions on the market, you never know just how a line will perform on a given rod until you line it up and cast it. It has been great working these events and seeing how excited folks get when they find just the right line that casts like a dream on their set up. It’s also a great opportunity to learn more about the technologies and tapers that would be best for your given fishing situation.”

Frontier Fly Fishing will be hosting the first event on Saturday the 11th of March and The Fly Box in Bloemfontein will be hosting the second event on the 14th of March before Upstream Fly Fishing in Cape Town holds the third and final event on the 18th of March.

So to recap:

Your own rods that you know and love


a selection reels holding of some of the finest lines on the planet


the perfect set up.

What’s not to like?

UPDATE: The Cape Town Event:

Where: The greenbelt on the corner of Doordrift Road and St Joan’s Road in Plumstead (next to Stodels Garden Centre).

When: Saturday the 18th March from 9am until 1pm.

Bonus 1: A few of the new Sage rods will be available for testing.
Bonus 2: You can also grab free copies of The Mission magazine while you’re there.

For more details about the Scientific Anglers lines contact Frontier Fly Fishing on 011 463 9048, The Fly Box on 082 5602889 and Upstream Fly Fishing on 012 762 8007.