The Mission’s Conrad Botes returns to Gabon today on his second trip with Tourette Fishing. The first one was a massive success. Several guys caught huge Tarpon off the beach on fly, while plenty of pitbull-sized Cubera Snapper, a few Giant African Threadfin and loads of Jack Crevalle (the local ‘trash fish’) were caught too. The trip spawned plenty of articles and blogs, got on the cover of a magazine or two and announced that West Africa was definitely something to consider for the bucket list (if you’re prepared to cast your arm off in tough conditions for big fish).

This time around, with a bit of experience to bank on, Conrad is even better prepared. On the gear front he’s been sent reels, rods and new lines to test while for months he has been working on a gourmet selection of flies for West Africa’s finest fish. Here’s the menu.


Deer hair divers fished slow on sinking lines = Giant African threadfin’s kryptonite.
DMAs supersize me please. Last years winning recipe for cubera snapper.
The Nose Job surface pattern officially on its way being thrown into the West African tarpon test tank.

Liquorice All sorts. From mini silicone mullets for when longfin jacks are locked on small bait to 20cm #8/0 sponge bobs for cubera snapper.

The big, the bad and the ugly. Gabon flybox for tarpon, threadfin and cubera snapper.

We’re all tied up for the land of giants.