While putting together issue 2 of The Mission, we’ve been going through the transcripts of interviews with, among others, Jako Lucas (aka Capt. Jack) and Swift Fishing Director Carl McNeil.

Two comments they made have been echoing through our heads

  1. Jako talking about Dorado:
    “My first fish was a 34-pound Dorado in a pocket like sitting right there. I couldn’t believe it.”
  2. Carl on how they find fiberglass rods work to tire big fish:
    “We’ve found based on feedback from guys that are using our glass is that they reckon that the fuller bending rods tire fish quicker. When a glass rod is well bent, its applying really good constant pressure on the fish all the time whereas with a very stiff rod the fish tend to pull against it and go a bit berserk. A glass rod wears them down.”

With that ringing in our ears, it felt pretty serendipitous that we came across the trailer for ‘The Dorado’, part of the International Fly Fishing Film Festival (IF4) 2017 Official Selection.

Starring April Vokey and gigantic dorado getting well bent on Epic glass, it’s almost as if they made it for us.