THIS WEEK at The Mission:

We dreamed about an alternate reality where we were Texan, our names were Billy Bob, Cleetus and Big Red and we drove bad-ass, restored, vintage Ford Broncos to our fishing grounds.

We discovered the one river on earth we don’t want to try fishing in.

We had a good gander at Lavushi Manda in Northern Zambia and added the blue yellowfish they get up there (out of the Congo river systems) to our future species list. For a canoe safari in this relatively under-explored area, check out Wildman Safaris.

“The key to anything worth doing is that there has to be some level of uncertainty.”  Chris Burkard

We dreamed about doing a road (and heli) trip through Kamchatka like surfer and fly fisherman Chris Burkard. Admittedly we would be doing more fishing than he did, but whatever you choose Kamchatka still looks incredible. It’s also known as Christiaan Pretorius’s other office.

Not done with Burkard, we watched the nutter surf an Arctic winter storm under the trippy Northern Lights.

We were interested to hear that Flyz Inc (who handle Flyz Inc custom flies, Renzetti vices, Thomas & Thomas fly rods and Cortland lines in South Africa) are the new global distributors of Shilton reels. BONUS: They have let slip that through their connections with numerous reputable outfitters and the machine Shilton team, they will be developing new product in the not too distant future. Yesssir!

We discovered how the BBC makes Planet Earth look like a Hollywood movie. That might explain why that lizard escaping from those snakes reminded us rather suspiciously of Jason Statham in Crank.

We shaluted the shummer by making the three-rum Mr Bali Hai Rum Cocktail.

We read the incredible story of Raymond Stansel, aka Lee Lafferty, a legendary Florida fisherman turned drug smuggler, turned international fugitive turned Australian conservationist. LONG READ