ISSUE 3 is about to drop and it’s a goodie. Expect:

  • the man, the legend, the psychopomp, Arno Matthee and his neverending mission (from the Vaal to the Seychelles and the Congo) for uncatchable fish.
  • Gabon – The Heart of Darkness. Conrad Botes and his quest for tarpon, the Silver King.
  • Clash of Clans – Big ginger Vaalie, Brendan Body moves to the Cape and falls hard for the elusive Clanwilliam yellowfish.
  • Fresh from the Rio Grande, Guide Matt Gorlei weighs in on our High 5s catchup.
  • Ed Truter on exploration, community and tying knots in the dark with your tongue in the Lifer.

    PLUS: MC Coetzer on his flats box, John Travis on being like Highlander, beer out of Magoebaaskloof, gear out of heaven and a little story about a wanker. Excited yet? We are.