RECENTLY at The Mission…

We got stuck into the incredible music of Jeffery Foucault (click on the video above).

We hankered after a pair of Howler Bros Waterman’s Workshorts. Quick-drying and made from four-way rip stop material, they’re perfect for the estuaries or a summer’s day spent wet wading and chasing trout up a kloof.

Howler Bros Waterman’s Workshorts

We were intrigued by the Ripple Box, a new kind of fly box designed by James Cadogan and Joshua Richards out of the UK. 12 full length fly channels on an original silicone ripple insert, it looks the business for quick fly selection and returns. Get behind their Kickstarter campaign here.

The Ripplebox. Good for putting hoppers in riffles.

We dreamed about having this BMW K100 Xaver, to head off into the mountains streams on, rod tubes strapped to the side, ear hair blowing in the wind.

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We discovered that Tabasco’s new Scorpion Sauce hits 50 000 on the Scoville scale (the original is a mere 2500-5000 and the Habanero only hits 7000). Careful what you absent-mindedly reach for.

Ring sting guaranteed.

We fixated a little on this line from Ted Leeson’s Habit of Rivers.

“After the monotonous iteration of casting, the instant of sudden connection to some enormous, unseen vitality borders on religious experience and happens about as often – the kind of thing, as the grade school nuns used to threaten, that will ‘make a believer out of you,’ as though believing was a fate to steer clear of.”

We heard about this absurd distillery where they make a 20-year-old rum in six days. More on that here.

Subsequently, we discovered the metaphysics behind our hangovers.

🎵 I can’t feel my face when I’m with you. But I love it, but I love it. 🎵