We loved Maui Jim’s new Blue Hawaii lens and matte crystal Stingray frames.  A mid-size wrap frame, the Stingray gives your peepers maximum protection and coverage, now in a schweet new look, perfect for the flats.

Danner explorer 650 boots via

We lusted after the new Danner Explorer 650 boots.

We discovered urban fly fishing in Berlin with reggae musician Tobias “Tobsen” Cordes.

We read this cracking essay from The Paris Review on the philosophy of fly fishing by John Knight.

“The real task of fishing is not to try a thousand different flies and wade up to your ears; it’s to understand that you’re a stranger here. For all our prodigious technology and equipment, the necessary humility of a day spent fishing finds the angler reckoning with a world in which he has few answers and very little control. If these also happen to be the very circumstances of our lives, the measure of success lies not in dominance but in finding a place within what we don’t fully understand.” John Knight

We discovered how Cardinal Richelieu changed the way knives are made.

We sniffed around the First Mate Fly Patch Kickstarter.


We checked out Barry Ord Clarke’s insane fly tying room and resolved to up our game.

We read about why weed is getting more potent.