FRESH from the boys at FlyBru is this incredible short flick of African sharptooth catfish feeding on mudfish up a side channel of the Orange River.

Flybru’s Matt Gorlei is up in the Northern Cape at the moment guiding on The Largemouth Yellowfish Conservancy with Kalahari Outventures.This is his account.

“We arrived at our camp and and myself and West, a fellow guide, went for a walk up a side channel we know well and were hoping to do some sight fishing for smallies (smallmouth yellowfish). I arrived at the spot just after West who had already started fishing. He said, “Hey Dude, you must check these barbel.” I walked over and saw at least 100 catfish working the deeper edge of the run and just as many mudfish trapped in the fringes they they had been spawning in. We watched for a while and it all started happening. The barbel worked together to corner the muddies. The catfish were mainly fish between 5 and 8kg with the odd fish definitely over 10kg and 1 fish definitely over 15kg. The muddies were trapped there after spawning, so were all a decent size around 30cm. It was happening well before we arrived there and continued into the dark, I must have spent two hours watching. The Smallies were feeding hard on the edge of the chaos. We often saw yellow fins popping out. I only had one cast downstream of the action when it got too dark to film and got a good smallie. West must have had five smallies while I was filming.”

Look closely and you can see the mayhem as the mudfish do anything not to be the poor bastard who gets eaten.

All photos by Matt Gorlei.