THERE ARE A FEW THINGS WE LIKE  about the sound of Austin, Texas. For one, Jako Lucas, aka Capt. Jack, aka Lego-stepper extraordinaire just moved there (read more about him in issue 2). Secondly, they just signed Christiaan Pretorius, another top South African guide, as an ambassador (he featured a High 5s here). Last, but not least, one of our favourite brands, Howler Bros, is based there. For our latest playlist, featured in issue 8, we asked them to build us a playlist based off what they listen to in the office and where they are from. Named, “Hello from Texas,” it’s a sublime mix of the new and the old and everything in between. Enjoy.



If you like their tchoons, you might like their style too. Check out the Spring 2018 collection here.

Howler Bros ambassador Christiaan Pretorius with a housing complex carp. Photo Richard White