THIS WEEK at The Mission:

We interviewed Oliver White for the next issue and had a great chat about fishing (duh), plastic (obvs), Arapaima (fokken huge), Lesotho, Sudan, Wall Street, North Carolina, his family, his dog Bono, his Ford Bronco and more.

On the subject of Ford Broncos, we drooled over this Fearless Ford Bronco.


While in covet-mode, we lusted after Echo’s Bad Ass Glass one shot fibreglass saltwater rods. Does this thing sound sweet or what?

We decided we need to get our hands on some Pappy von Winkel barrel-aged hot sauce.

What goes in, must come out, so on the scatological side of things, we discovered that hippos poop so much, that sometimes all the fish die. While we were at it, we came across the definitive guide to animal flatulence.

Moving swiftly along, we watched this video about Alien Hand Syndrome, something which might explain why you trout strike when you meant to strip strike.

We learned how to go to sleep anywhere, anytime.

We read about August Engelhardt, leader of a coconut-obsessed cult. #notthecultofflyfishing

And lastly, we got stuck into this heartbreaking story about Henry Worsley, the Arctic explorer who didn’t make it back. Check out our ISSUE 9 Ed’s letter for more on that.