LET’S LAUNCH INTO THE WEEKEND with a few green monster vibes. Two of The Mission’s readers have won themselves a one-of-a-kind Swift Epic Fibreglass Rod. Was it you?

In issue 5, we featured Da Riddim Stick, a unique dry fly wizard wand in Rasta racing stripes based on Swift Epic’s nude 480 4-weight blank. From brookies to brown, bows, smallmouth yellowfish, bluegill and anything else, we wager this amazing custom rod will account for a lot of good times. The winner of Da Riddim Stick is Daniel Cooney (IG: @mooneycooney), a Birt living in New Zealand.

Photo via https://www.instagram.com/mooneycooney/

In issue 6, we showcased The Motivational Carrot. Swift Epic’s renowned 476 Packlight Fastglass rod in a 5-piece smuggler configuration pimped exclusively for The Mission, this sneaky little set up is perfect for stashing under the seat of your car for spontaneous missions. The winner of our random draw was Cameron Cushman (IG: @cameroncush), a filmmaker and, as luck would have it, a glass fanatic from Vero Beach, Florida.

Photo via https://www.instagram.com/cameroncush/


If you are neither of these two souls, maybe you can take consolation in the fact that at least it appears that they fish and fish hard.

Stay tuned for more competitions with the guys over at Swift Epic.