Words and photos by Gerald Penkler

Scotland or Spain? Pike or Spanish barbel? Rain or sun? Cold or hot?  Midges or no midges?   Why anyone would choose a road trip through Scotland over Spain is beyond me, and yet this is exactly the choice we made.  I hope to convince you to do the same…

The long winding roads through dramatic scenery are dotted with lakes and castles,

crossing hundreds of rivers, often in spate, but always brimming with feisty brownies,

to sights of ancient standing stones,

across bridges and down winding roads until you reach the gold pot at the end of the rainbow.

Drifting across a great water expanse in search of pike, away from the crowds, in hidden lakes and out of reach of the blood thirsty midges is worth the trip alone.

Some pike sip the fly so lightly it is hardly noticeable, others try rip the rod from your hands and perform acrobatics at your feet.  Those teeth on a float tube will always make me nervous.

Five-star wild lakeside accommodation, steak, wine and marshmallows are essential for recuperation after a day’s paddling.

Water, water, crystal clear everywhere…So much water to fish, explore, or simply watch as time slips by, silently, unnoticed and unrushed.