PART 2 in a 12 part series of blogs where we look at the Christmas Wishlists of The Mission/Feathers & Fluoro team.

Each list features three categories: Stocking Filler (cheap and cheerful), Sublime (a great piece of gear in the mid to high price range) and Ridiculous (what Rockefeller wants, Rockefeller gets).

Today’s dreamer is big fish hunting, crustacean-obsessive Peter Coetzee.

Simms bounty hunter mesh reel bags (so damn smart)


Patagonia convertible pack


FLIR Scout TK thermal monocular (for spotting tailing grunts at night)

Powerray underwater drone 



Deer Caye, Belize

Leo would be my neighbour, but he better not come close to my pad with jetskis. Those things are not allowed on Perm Caye (new name). If he spooks my perms he’ll be faced with something much scarier than a bear. I will guard my flats like John McAfee guarded his hookers.

Fokkof! This is perm country.