PART 4 in a 12 part series of blogs where we look at the Christmas Wishlists of The Mission/Feathers & Fluoro team.

Each list features three categories: Stocking Filler (cheap and cheerful), Sublime (a great piece of gear in the mid to high price range) and Ridiculous (what Midas wants, Midas gets).

Today’s dreamer is Joburg yellowfish whisperer, Herman Botes.


A back up pair of clip-on magnifying glasses and my 8 panel SIMMS longbill cap. I’m screwed without these.

5X & 6X tippet on 100m spools please ! You can never find ‘em unless you’re a guide.


Herman Botes doing what he does best on the Vaal river. Photo Conrad Botes

PATAGONIA PACKVEST because . No 2’s is entering its last year (or 2) and the current model is somewhat of an improvement. I’m so predictable , but that’s what happens when you get old.

SAGE ESN HD 10’ 3-weight. No noodley nymph stick here and soo sweet on the dry fly.

Please do NOT give me any of the latest top brand large abor reels – they look like a bunch of wagon wheels , uugh. I’ll only accept SHILTON CR models , thank you

Ag , I’m a simple man (and also realistic). A sweet skate bowl and a bluegill pond in the back yard will help me unwind after work.