PART 6 in a 12 part series of blogs where we look at the Christmas Wishlists of The Mission/Feathers & Fluoro team.

Each list features three categories: Stocking Filler (cheap and cheerful), Sublime (a great piece of gear in the mid to high price range) and Ridiculous (what the Sultan of Brunei wants, the Sultan of Brunei gets).

Today’s dreamer, Platon Trakoshis, the Berg River carp molester (a 1980s serial killer moniker if ever there was one).


The elusive grey Patagonia sunshade technical hoody fishing top.

A wide selection of curly tails from small to large and in various colours.

Olympic Peninsula Skagit Tactics Commando tips from floater to bucket.


11ft switch rods in 7 and 9 wts – Scott L2Hs would do just fine.

Set of Lee Wulff Ambush Skandi Ambush lines and OPST Skagit Comando Smooth lines to match the rods.

Speyco fly reels please.

Fuji XT3 with Water housing and set of lenses including a super long lens.


A sea sick tablet that actually works – completely.
To go with that, a sea plane that can carry at least 8 of my family and fishing buddies.
A captained live aboard ship that I can meet whereever I please . . . . . in the sea plane. It must have a chopper on the back to pop up the estuaries if the sea plane can’t go there. The fishing world would be my oyster.