PART 8 in a 12 part series of blogs where we look at the Christmas Wishlists of The Mission/Feathers & Fluoro team.

Each list features three categories:
Stocking Filler (cheap and cheerful), Sublime (a great piece of gear in the mid to high price range) and Ridiculous (what the Sultan of Brunei wants, the Sultan of Brunei gets).

Today’s lust list comes from the mercurial Fred Davis, who you’re likely to find chasing queenfish deep in the desert these days.


A few Whiting Capes

Reliable rod racks for the 4×4 that are easy to attach/detach and are trustworthy to hold a rod in place over rough ground.

Flats boots that don’t fall apart!

Patagonia’s Sunshade Technical Hoody.


Patagonia or Fishpond waterproof backpack and lumbar pack.

Bote Rover with matching 4stroke

Nikon Z7.


The Pangea, but if Dre gets that then a fishing shack with limitless transport to and from, in one of the following: on the beach on a Seychelles Atoll, a Golden Dorado River in the Amazon, next to a Belize or Bahamian Permit flat or in deep untouched Africa where I can catch Goliath tigers.

Or, failing that, a Hell’s Bay Estero or Marquesa