… about the places where Gareth Reid of Mavungana Flyfishing guides?

1. Meeting all types of really cool people from vastly different backgrounds. Add fly fishing into the mix and watch how friendships are made overnight.

2. Sitting around the fire, shooting the breeze and star-gazing after a great day out on the Lower Orange River. It’s one of my highlights.

3. Whether guiding or hosting trips, I’ve had the privilege of experiencing some pretty wild and remote places. From the Andaman Islands and its spear-throwing cannibalistic tribes to the depths of the Amazon and its psychedelic peacock bass at Agua Boa River Lodge.

4. Watching someone getting drilled by their first proper tiger! Like a good friend recently said, “It’s like making love for the first time all over again”. He was smiling at me and it was just us on a boat so things got a little weird…

5. Getting thrashed around in the SA surf zone and working your ass off to get someone into their first saltwater fish. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I dig it.

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