“There is always poignancy when a much-loved facet of your life is ended through age and infirmity. On my last visit to Barkly East after I lost my mobility through illness, Tom Sutcliffe took me down to the Sterkspruit on Basie and Carien Vosloo’s farm, Birkhall. Carrying a small camping stool he helped me down to the water’s edge but my heart wasn’t in it because the constantly-changing chess game of moving from one section of the river to the next was no longer available to me. From my fixed position I eventually caught a small trout on a nymph, but I urged Tom to carry on fishing and slowly made my way back to the truck using the carbon fibre wading staff that Stephen Boshoff had made me but that I knew I would never need again.Our Lifer in issue 13, Ed Herbst, on the last time he fly fished. Read the full story below.