“We don’t bat an eyelid at an eight-ton bipedal kangaroo lizard with tooth-pick arms and a bull terrier head, so why are dragons that unlikely?  Are they misidentified Pterodactyls? We are, after all, not talking about the most unlikely of animal designs. They were never blue whale-big, nor did they have drumstick-like legs with toothpick arms like a T-Rex or other creatures we’ve come to accept as normal. So, let’s pretend for a moment a few still existed. Some tame, some wild. Or, maybe it would be more fun to decide that there were dragons hiding in plain sight, Men In Black-style. To locate a suspect from existing species, I’d have to go fruit bat or guinea fowl…or largemouth yellowfish.” Peter “Targaryen” Coetzee on the genealogoy and ancestry of largemouth yellowfish in his issue 14 ‘Chase the Dragon” story.