It took me forever to get to a process that resulted in consistent, perfect crustacean eyes.  The whole burned mono route is just too time consuming and unpredictable, with a static result set and almost no flexibility in colour.

At some point last year I thought “screw it, I’m just going to dip mono in UV resin with acrylic paint added (the Tamiya kind)”.  Then I figured out I could double or triple dip different colours for whatever result I desired, or vary uv/acrylic mixtures for different intensities & gradients.

The following SBS has my favourite colour combo for shrimp eyes, tan and black.  Apologies in advance if this seems blindingly obvious, for some reason my mind tended towards far more complicated processes involving beads, resin, knots, burnt mono, the works.

Mix Tamiya hobby acrylic mixed with Solarez hard UV resin

Dip base colour, flash with UV torch after dip

Dip pupil colour. A secondary can be added for three-dimensionality.

Flash next colour.  I use two UV torches, first this big one, then the lazer kind after if I dont have sunlight available

Lazer style UV torch next.


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