The wildeperd, aka zebra fish (Diplodus curvinus hottentotus) as featured in The Mission Issue 16.

For the benefit of our non-South African readers, the literal translation of the Afrikaans wildeperd is ‘wild horse’. When it comes to these fish it means “zebra (fish)”. They’re rare and more difficult to catch than their greedy little colleagues, blacktail. Wildeperd are also prettier, grow bigger and fight like a (Shetland pony) stallion when hooked on a light salt rod.

zebra fish

Endemic to the coastal waters from False Bay to Kosi Bay, wildeperd, like blacktail, galjoen and other coastal species can be found in the wash of inter-tidal flats, banks, gullies, holes and in the surf of small bays.

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The Steve Austin, scourge of wildeperd and blacktail alike

Reach for the light salt stuff – anything from a 5-weight to a 7-weight outfit with a floating line and 9-foot leaders. On the fly front, you can’t go wrong with a Steve Austin fly. That refers to a Crazy Charlie-type fly with a pink crystal flash bod, pink thread, gold dumbbell eyes, optional pink legs and tan calf fur wing.

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