“My approach to split screen fishing imagery is based very much on a KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) approach. I’m typically fishing and shooting at the same time so, while I would love the time and luxury of hauling around a big beautiful DSLR and a full size housing to try and shoot the best imagery possible, that is just not a feasible option for 99 percent of my fishing. I’m also a lazy bastard, and not particularly talented with a camera, but I still love great images, so a middle ground had to be found. And thanks to technology, that has been easier than ever. Split screen fishing imagery for me are about 85 percent luck, and 15 per cent making the most of new technology.”

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Spit screen fishing imagery

Keen amateur (and semi-professional ambassador) Andre van Wyk of Head & Shoulders, Swift Fly Fishing and Bote Boards on the gear he uses and how he uses it to get those jaw-dropping split screen shots in issue 16‘s ‘Split Personalities.’ Check out the full story below.