I hate the damn beast fly.  And I hate that Andre has made me feel like I need a fly box full of them.  And for making me obsessed with them.  Somewhere between reverse tying, getting superglue stuck to my fingers and wasting thread on thread dams I decided there had to be a better way (for me at least).  Trying to get perfect bucktail distribution around a single piece of mono that you’re holding in your hands, while reverse tying is a hell of a dance.  And its slow.  I dug around for some silicon tubing I had collected for tube flies and crab keels and thought maybe I could use that to flare the bucktail and tie natural direction rather than reverse tie.  That way I could push up to give a desired amount of flare once the fly was finished to “tweak” the silhoutte.  Once happy I can superglue in place and its done.  It also halved my tying time on the beasts.

Small diameter silicon tube goes over thread wrap, larger tube slides over smaller.  Move larger tube out the way when doing the bucktail wraps.

Tail section, with large tubes pushed up over smaller to get the right flare

Slide large tubes up shank

Tail section goes under large tubes so that when bucktail is tied in they can be slid up

First section flared, and lead tied in (heavier version)