“I think it was the surfer Miki Dora who once said that a local is simply someone who doesn’t have their shit together enough to travel. Amen to that. I’ve been working away on a few environmental fly fishing films with Tony Czech (www.tonyczech.com), which are exclusively supported by Patagonia.  Along with quite a few other adventures in and out of the country.  The two main projects happening now are a lengthy canoe journey in the Boundary Waters between Minnesota and Canada, to protest a shameful proposed mine, and another that takes place in the Arctic Circle.  I feel doing this work is what I was born to do.  The Merrimack canoe is always loaded on the roof of the Polar Bear, the flats skiff on the trailer, and I am pretty much running wild endlessly.  Why else would we be here otherwise, than to celebrate and fully immerse ourselves into the miracle of Mother Earth? ”

Writer, fly fisherman, surfer, musician and traveller, Riverhorse Nakadate in our issue 17 interview. Read it in full below: