5 favourite fly fishing destinations globally?

  1. Slovenia with Hunter Fly Fishing.
  2. Seychelles with the Alphonse Fishing Company.
  3. Lower Zambezi.
  4. Kilombero North Safaris, Ruhudji and Mnyera Rivers, Tanzania.
  5. Kamchatka, Zhupanova Float Trip.

5 indispensable flies for freshwater?

  1. Zonker muddlers.
  2. Simon Bunn’s Cinnamon Caddis.
  3. CDC Elk Wing Caddis.
  4. Cluster Fuck.
  5. Pheasant tail flashback.

5 fishing items you don’t leave home without before making a mission?

  1. Redington Wayward guide jacket. Light-weight, all-weather jacket that has saved me from the elements.
  2. Stormsure adhesive. Fixes rips, leaks and holes…fast!
  3. My K-Way Adventure 50l backpack. Perfect for those long hikes with all I need for an overnight mission in the highlands.
  4. My pewter hip flask with a wee dram of Glenlivet 12-year-old just to get me through the day.
  5. Island Tribe sun stick. Just cannot fish with the thought of sun tan cream on my hands and tackle.


From Lesotho to the Zambezi, the Seychelles and back again, veteran guide Jeremy Rochester of Xplorer Fly Fishing has been around the block and then some. Read the rest of his issue 17 High 5s below.