“If I could change one thing in fly fishing, it would be to spend more time with experts from whom I learn constantly. Out there fishing on one’s own in a beautiful venue is fantastic, but fishing with a friend can add so much enjoyment. If the friend is better than you and is a good teacher it really adds to the time. Recently I was fishing on the Chobe with a friend from Hong Kong. He was a better trained angler and more talented than me. By working with him, by the end of a couple of days, my casts were twice the distance and twice as effective as they had been at the start. We were both happy to see this.”

A legend of direct selling, when 81-year-old Avroy Shlain is not busy running Cobb (the clever outdoor, all-in-one BBQ/cooker available in 44 countries worldwide), you’ll find him flying his Cessna on environmental missions or fly fishing, whether it’s for tigerfish on the Chobe river, rainbows on Jurassic lake or dorado on the Parana river in Argentina. We caught up with him for our issue 17 Lifer. Read the full story below.