I tore my achilles tendon a few weeks ago which has meant zero time on the water and lots of time in my fishing room. I’ve tied every fly I need for the next year, tweaked everything that’s needed tweaking and my gear is good to go. One thing I’ve needed for a while is an extendable net. While spending the last few weeks in a ‘moon boot’ I broke a crutch and in the process of chucking it away the other day a lightbulb went off. I present, the “clutch crutch net”. Fully adjustable and the extension can be removed by taking out the small bolt if you simply want to use the original net.

You have to unfortunately remove the small clip but you can clip the net in other ways using a carabiner

Cut the crutch to size

Insert the crutch into the existing net handle, drill and insert a small bolt. This means you can easily removed the extension at any time.

There’s it!


Danny approves