WE ARE GUILTY, at times, of focusing a little too much on da yoof when it comes to our Beats selection in The Mission. That’s why you’ll find the moody EDM whale fart clicks chanelled through the wails of fashion-slaves on the likes of Travys Owen’s playlist or that of the FlyBru crew.

So, to mix it up, we decided to ask one of the grandpappies of South African trout fishing to give us his selection. Our lifer from Issue 1, Tony Kietzman, is the OG South African trout bum, aka the Colossus of Rhodes (not the Greek island, but rather the tiny Eastern Cape Village which doubles as the centre of the South African troutiverse).

With 38 classic tunes from Tom Waits, Dan Patlanksy and Dylan, to the Stones, REM, Amy Winehouse and more, Tony hath provideth and then some.




Your Gold Teeth – Steely Dan
Planet Claire – B52s
Tremendous Pain – Yello
Temptation – Diana Krall
Easy Money – Lowell George
Phaethon – Patricia Barber
Backside of Paradise – Dan Patlansky
Dance on Vaseline- David Byrne
Ridin’ with the Blues – Ry Cooder
Lazybones- Soul Coughing
Thunder on the Mountain – Bob Dylan
Plague Café – Radio Rats
Should I stay or should I go- The Clash
1979 – Smashing Pumpkins
Heartattack and Vine – Tom Waits
A Forest – The Cure
Losing my Religion – REM
Everything is Broken – Bob Dylan
Down Down Down – Tom Waits

Patricia Barber – Hunger
Russians – Sting
Stop this World – Diana Krall
It might as well be Spring – Stacey Kent
Willya Woncha – Bonnie Raitt
Everloving woman – JJ Cale
Cousin Dupree – Steely Dan
Yassassin – David Bowie
Crosseyed and Painless – Talking Heads
Strange Ritual – David Byrne
Love me like a Man – Bonnie Raitt
Haitian Divorce – Steely Dan
Sugar the Road – Ten Years After
Le Grange – ZZ Top
Stray Cat Blues – Rolling Stones
Prodigal Son – Ry Cooder
Brand New Car – Rolling Stones
I’m a Little Mixed Up – Diana Krall
Rehab – Amy Winehouse