Guess who’s back, back again? Rolf is back motherfakaaaaaaz, that’s who! Our favourite Scandinavian fly fishing film maker (not as niche a tribe as you might think), Rolf Nylinder, is back with his crew from Podsol Fly Fishing with a new full length film of just over an hour long. With the regular crew of anglers, musos and general layabouts like Håvard Stubö (aka Jazz & Fly Fishing), Peter A Christensen, Jack F Hogan, Guhuru Milta, Frederic M Halford and more, it’s sure to be a goodie. Check out the trailer here, then flash some cash (a steal at $6.50) and rent the full film.


Floating Flies from Rolf Nylinder on Vimeo.

Want more? Check out this short film he made for The Mission in conjunction with our profile on him in issue 11.