Legendary Lefty Kreh in his own words: On Flip Pallot, aspirin and BB guns.

“I used to be an exhibition shooter for Remington Arms, shooting Aspirin tablets and shit out of the air. When I moved to Florida to run that big fishing tournament, I was there about a couple of weeks when this young man showed up at the door. It was Flip. He had no beard then. He said, ‘I heard that you used to be an exhibition shooter?’ I said, ‘Yeah. I haven’t done it in a while.’ He said, ‘I heard you could hit Aspirin tablets with a BB gun.’ If you take a BB gun and put a couple of drops of oil in the barrel and shoot six or eight BBs, you can hit the zero on a clock at 30 feet. An oil seal in there makes it very accurate. If you take the sights off, you’re looking at the target, at what you want to do and you actually see the BB in flight. If your first four are off, mentally your body or mind will adjust to it. I would teach people to hit Aspirin tablets and when you hit one it turns into little white puffs. Well, Flip had two Aspirin boxes, 4 000 BBs, a gun and some oil. He shot all 4 000 BBs and got them good. He’s the greatest hunter I ever met. Uses a longbow for most of it.”

lefty kreh

Flip Pallot and the late Lefty Kreh.

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