Check out our selection of the clips, videos and films that you could (and should) be watching right now online.

Most fly-fishing edits these days combine exotic scenery with some tackling up and casting action… Climaxed by the obligatory grip-n-grin. These (mostly) are not like that. They aren’t all fishing clips either and all focus in some way on the human (and humorous) side, getting right to the soul of it. Some long, others short. A few oldies and a smattering of cutting edge new edits. An incomplete list to be sure that I’ll continue to update.


Nobody owns the ocean. But you own the intellectual capital you have earned with your blood and sweat over the years” – David Mangum. Now Mangum is one badass mofo. He is the Florida tarpon guide by which all others are measured, complete with a skull anchor buoy (a warning sign to stay ‘the f#ck’ away). In fact, if you haven’t watched ‘120 Days’ are we even mates?



Heart strings and epic imagery. Oh and fish too… It was by far my favourite from FFFT 2018. “Beyond the Horizon tells the story of Rankin Jackson’s struggle to provide for his family while trying to survive the push of drug running and ultimately how fly fishing revealed his road to redemption” reads the official teaser. You don’t need to know more.


Tying tutorials you can watch when not sitting at the vise following SBSs. “Deer hair is a lot like a T-Rex, or an alligator… If you let it know you’re afraid of it, it will eat your soul. But, if you maintain the high ground and you make it your bitch, you will master it” – Nick Davis, 239 Flies. Davis doesn’t take himself as seriously as many of the tutorial tyers out there, and I dig that. His flies are mostly Florida-specific (hence the area code name) but some really good techniques and tricks.


Cosmo. GT porn. You get the idea.


I was a big fan of this Australian doccie series (hosted by Tom Gleisner and Rob Sitch) as a teenager. I stand corrected but I seem to remember it aired on the Travel Channel here. The intros, back stories and mission of getting to the particular rivers and systems were always far more the focus than the actual fishing. Far slower than much of what we watch today, but I find it refreshing to rewatch an episode now and then. The music used throughout the series was created by Australian musician and composer Liam Bradley and was as much a part of the allure as Tom and Rob’s dry wit.



The iconic ‘Running Down The Man’ was released in 2006 (fly-fishing for Roosterfish from the beach in Baja). This, is something of a follow-up. A biopic of sorts on the enigmatic Grant Hartman, a long-time fly fishing guide, surfer and Baja  local who has spent countless hours chasing Roosters on fly.

In addition, IF4 have made their full 2019 selection available to stream. Check it out here.