All you need is just one more excuse
You put up one hell of a fight
I want to hear your very best excuse
Never felt this much alive



“Right at the beginning of our first afternoon session on the river beat we are fishing the Aquarium – what would become for me the crown jewel of Jurassic Lake Lodge’s beats. A large dog leg pool, it’s where fish fresh from the lake gather themselves for a push higher up the river.

Jurassic Lake Lodge

Within seconds, Ryan and I are laughing like mad men. We’re both into massive fish and we can’t believe our luck, how crazy is this? We land them, take snaps and go again.

We laugh, again, this is fucking nuts.  This is dream-scape stuff. I feel like I am on shrooms, the whole world is funny, everything I do turns to gold, each cast results in fish, big fish.

Always, there’s the fear that it will turn off, that some malignant unseen god, unheralded among Zeus and Loki and Thor and Aphrodite, Athena and Odin, jealous in his anonymity as the God of Blank, The Almighty Mombak, will stick a celestial finger through the crowds and wet willy the crap out of our fun.

Jurassic Lake Lodge

Only it doesn’t happen. The fishing just gets better and better.

I am invincible. I cannot put a foot wrong. I am the high school quarterback, I am the match-winning flyhalf, I am the prom king who got the girl, kicked the goal and was elected Mr Popularity too. I am Naas Botha without the talking, Elon Musk but not socially awkward, I am Deuce Bigalow Fish Gigalo.

I am delusional, but it’s my dream so that’s ok.”

Jurassic Lake Lodge


Channeling a beloved ‘90s metal album, Tudor Caradoc-Davies visits Jurassic Lake Lodge in Patagonia and loses his mind. For the rest of the Jurassic story ‘King for a Day,’ get stuck into issue 20 of The Mission, for free, below or buy the print edition online here: