While bored at home and dreaming about fishing for yet another day during ‘lockdown’ I took out my fly tying stuff (again) and fiddled with streamers for our yellowfishes…After spending an entire morning in front of my vise (while trying to keep the kids happy in between, cooking breakfast and lunch for them and feeding our dogs), only 4 flies were produced…Hardly productive, I know, but I can’t wait to try this little zonker streamer that I decided to call a skeleton minnow:

Tungsten weighted Skeleton Minnow on a #2 B10S


Skeleton Minnow flies on a #4 (top) and #2 Gamakatsu B10S


Our indigenous largemouth yellows cannot resist zonker streamers – Craig Eksteen from Kalahari Outventures with a big largemouth yellowfish from the Largemouth Yellowfish Conservancy.