Over the last few days I tied a small army of Skeleton Minnows to try out on our larger, more aggressive yellowfish and bass over the next year or so. In the process of tying them I enjoyed playing with different colours of flexo tubing, fluorescent beads (which may add the desired colour and weight to the fly) and even loose beads inside the flexo body that may act as a ‘rattle.’ I also messed around with permanent markers, which gave me many, many colour and weight options in these Skeleton Minnow flies.

Black and hot orange Skeleton Minnow fly. I’m hoping that the contrast, the fluorescent orange and the movement of the long zonker tail will provoke strikes from freshwater predatory fish.

A ‘hot perch’ coloured Skeleton Minnow – playing with bead colour and permanent markers give you endless colour combo options with these flies.

A black-over-grey Skeleton Minnow with 3 gold beads placed inside the flexo body that may act as a rattle – it was tied specifically for spotted bass that live in a murky river. I’m sure this concept may (or may not) work on other predatory fish as well.


A mylar version (as suggested by Ewan Naude) with a hot spot bead tied in under the mylar tubing

Amazing how the fluorescent orange bead ‘pops’ right through the mylar under UV light.


Meet the ‘Paparazzi’…

Note that the zonker strip ‘undertails’ still need to be glued to the zonker wings in these flies using Genkem contact – see the Hot Wizard SBS