IN SOUTH AFRICA, we have just dropped down from Level 4 Lockdown (the second highest lockdown) to Level 3, which gives us a lot more freedom. Most businesses are back in some form or other, we can exercise when we want and it seems (there have been many false starts) that we can fish again. But, seeing as 2020 is intent on being a dick, one of the cruellest jokes around the timing of this for those of us in the Western Cape is that the river season closed two days ago. We have to wait till September 1 to get back on the Cape streams.

To help us bide the time (and perhaps to get us even more amped for the opening of the new season, Kevin Jennings has put together this cracking little video, Mojo Rising, that follows ‘Crumpets’ aka Mark Jennings as he heads out onto the streams. Even if it makes you even twitchier than usual at the lack of fishing in your life at present, it’s well worth your time. Enjoy.

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Mojo rising from Kevin Jennings on Vimeo.