Illuminated subjects, dreamy shadows, texture and pitch-black background looks cool.  Low key photography is a genre of photography that caught my interest.  What would fly lure photography look like shot this way?

Leonard and I had a go after chatting about it. We are happy with the early results. We took different approaches with different effects. Great potential for this method.

Leonard aimed for soft light and dreamy shadows. The RABs look amazing with the hackles coming to life out of the darkness. With lights dimmed, he found it best to illuminate his fly lure from below with a headlamp. Headlamps have a white light, which is better than the yellow hued lamps.  A tripod kept the 100mm macro lens stable. Shot with auto focus at 1/20 shutter speed, ISO 1000, F3.5. A black background completed the setup.

I went for brighter light and harder shadows. A hand-held flash with a remote trigger illuminated the fly. A black foam strip glued onto the tip of a kebab stick served as the mount for the fly.

Without a macro lens I use an extension tube to increase the magnification of a 24-70 mm lens. I shot in a well-lit room and so to reduce the ambient light, used a fair shutter speed, 1/250, a closed aperture F16-22 and low ISO 200. A tripod and manual focus completed the setup.