Ok, so 2020 cancelled a lot of our plans, but that does not mean we can’t find a workaround. Like this years F3TSA, now available online! Sure, it’s not going to be in a packed auditorium with prizes flying around the room, but for a few Randelas there’s nothing stopping you and some mates from enjoying the smorgasbord of films that some of the world’s best fly fishing filmmakers teed up (before the pandemic turned 2020 into a bizarre slow-motion mess).

The Fly Fishing Film Virtual Tour 2020 will take place online from 30 September to 8 October 2020 where subscribers get the chance to watch some of the finest fishing films on the planet.

Thanks to the F3TSA promoters JAKO LUCASCAPT JACK PRODUCTIONSKEITH ROSE-INNESALPHONSE FISHING COMPANY AND AFRICAN WATERS – the show has been set-up as a virtual event for you to enjoy this years’ line-up!

They say, “We will be back in 2021 – bigger and better than ever. We so look forward to connecting with you all and sharing the most epic fishing films from around the globe. Take care of yourselves, enjoy the virtual show and see you in 2021.”


How to subscribe to this event:

First, go to this F3T VIMEO page, click on RENT, and purchase a ticket to the virtual release of the 2020 Fly Fishing Film Tour. After purchasing a ticket, you will be able to watch the film for up to one week from the comfort of your home, office or boat. Even a bathtub will do.