On fly fishing on the Orange River… Were we going to get lost?  That was one of our main concerns leaving Cape Town. Our mode of transport was Warwick Leslie’s Alu-Cab Hilux, the ultimate overland machine, we could have gone to Cairo in it. But we weren’t, we were on our way to the Orange River to do a float trip with Kalahari Adventures. The chaps were kind enough to pick me up from Paarl en route.

Andre Van Wyk and I love to take photos on our fishing trips and often shoot some video.  We’ve made a couple of fly fishing videos together (check out Stream of Dreams here) and plan to make more, but on this trip that wasn’t the plan. Having not been on a proper trip for a while, we wanted to just fish!

We took a bit of a radical short cut and ended up making this video anyway.

This is our Orange river fly fishing journey. Turn on your sound for sure and headphones will heighten the experience.