If you take the time to do the math, there’s a ridiculous multi-product offer on the table that will:

a) result in money going to a very good cause (the Red Cross Children’s Hospital); and

b) see one lucky bugger walk away with some fantastic gear AND a great trip.

ITEM 1: A one-of-a-kind one-piece, 3-weight CTS rod designed by small stream fanatic Ed Herbst and built by Derek Smith. For dry fly nuts or anyone with an affinity for the Cape streams, it is the perfect weapon. For more on the rod click here.

  • Approximate value: R7 000, but there isn’t anything else quite like it.
Ed Herbst with the CTS 3-weight

Ed Herbst with the CTS 3-weight he designed

ITEMS 2 & 3: A rod like Ed’s CTS 3-weight needs an iconic small stream reel, so he went with the Sage Click and a Sci-Anglers Mastery fly line (both kindly donated by Frontier Fly Fishing in Johannesburg).

  • Approximate value: R7 500

But wait (as they say in telemarketing), there’s more…!

ITEM 4: The massive cherry on top of all this for the winning bid is a 4-night stay at Highland Lodge in the Dordrecht area of the Eastern Cape courtesy of the lodge owner, Vicky Bell. One of South Africa’s premier stillwatewrs, the rains have been good this year so the fishing promises to be excellent this winter.

  • Approximate value: R12 000.



All of the above (estimated at R26 500) could be yours. All proceeds from this charity auction will go to the Red Cross Children’s Hospital.

How to bid

The Reserve price is set at R15 000.

You’ve got to be in it to win it. Bidding is open. Email your bid to info@themissionflymag.com to enter.