3D/BULKHead Fleye Mash-up Step by Step

3D/BULKHead Fleye Mash-up Step by Step

I’ve been messing around with various techniques and styles of Bucktail tying recently, incorporating a few of Bob Popovic’s techniques as usual in a variety of different patterns.

I’ve always had a love and attraction to the tear drop/razor belly style of baitfish patterns that the likes of Jason Taylor ties… There is just something about the aesthetic of these flies that appeals to me. I managed to get them right once or twice in the past, but never really clicked onto why some worked and some didn’t, until recently.
Once again materials, and how you use them, and where is the answer.. and understanding the different natures of materials within the same type of material, especially with naturals.
Bucktail of course is the most obvious of these as there is so much variety, and each tail is unique, and has unique properties.

The quest for the longest straightest bucktail consumed me for a long time, and while I still lust after it, my dwindling supply, as well as time spent at the vice has forced me to delve into how to get all that other “non primo” bucktail to work for me..

This pattern in particular, as well as alot of others made me fall in love with that shorter, softer, my crinkly bucktail that is often over looked. For the belly section on baitfish patterns its very hard to beat.. and now has me searching and lusting after these kinds of tails too..

I put together a little Step-by-Step of the pattern, the way I tie it.. Its not a true 3D Fleye,nor a full BULKHead Fleye, but rather incorporates elements of both techniques to create the shape and profile I wanted.

Once again the beauty of so many patterns and techniques Bob developed are their applications as a platform on  which to build, or make use of numerous of these techniques within a single pattern to achieve what you are after in creating a fly.

The video is run at double speed to try not draw it out too long, with a little intro, a voice over and titles to explain how I’ve gone about putting it together.. its a relatively simple pattern once you understand how it all goes together, and alot of fun to tie, and extremely satisfying when it all comes together..

Step by Step here – Try watch in HD and on a big screen (Lap top/iPad etc rather than on your phone – Vid is shot on my phone so quality not amazing.. and the angle needs improving, will fix on the next one! ) 

Materials List: 

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